Brisbane boys Shane Parsons and Simon Ridley’s weirdly successful house-party-esque project DZ DEATHRAYS are back with a new single. The duo have had a huge 12 months having travelled to the US for to tour – including playing South By Southwest and playing New York’s iconic Bowery Ballroom– and are now playing Laneway Festival here in Australia.

It seems no one can get enough of DZ DEATHRAYS from local fans to international ones to music execs to the Queensland Government (last year the band got a grant to tour to the UK). It’s looking like in 2012 the guys are set to top last year’s efforts.

The new single, ‘No Sleep’ – which premiered on BBC1 earlier this week- is in the same vein as their previous hit ‘The Mess Up’. That is, dirty, messy, loud garage punk that makes you a little less sad that Death From Above 1979 aren’t around anymore.

After Laneway and some dates in New Zealand the boys head back overseas to tour Europe and the US.