You can always trust those ol’ Gallagher brother for some great quote. When they weren’t slagging off every other band within a twenty meter radius, they were busy with being at each other’s throats. 

For Noel, nothing’s really changed since the acrimonious split with his brother and the demise of his band Oasis, which contrary to earlier rumours he has no plans to reform. Having since taken up his new act, The High Flying Birds, (who last toured Australia as part of the Big Day Out 2012), Gallagher Snr hasn’t missed an opportunity to stick it to his sibling, and his new band, Beady Eye.

The latest narky comment comes courtesy of NMEreports that Noel hopes his brother Liam and his bandmates in Beady Eye continue to play Oasis songs live as he’s quite happy to keep picking up the pay-cheques from the royalties.

Beady Eye performed the Oasis classics – ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Star’ and “Morning Glory’ – during a recent UK performance as well as Manchester’s Heaton Park supporting The Stone Roses on their homecoming reunion shows (the same shows where Lily Allen made a surprise return to the live arena). Liam and co have also told the British paper that they plan to continue playing Oasis standards in all future live shows.

Noel responded by saying he was “happy” that they carried on playing his former band’s tunes, as long as they make sure to fill out the necessary PRS royalty forms for doing so. The PRS For Music organisation is a British society of songwriters, composers and music publishers who promote and protect the value of copyright, making sure that royalties – particularly for live performances – are distributed.

“Beady Eye have my permission to play my songs and they should do whatever they like,” said the High Flying Birds bandleader, presumably with a smirk, “I say he should go around the world, do those (Oasis) songs and fill out the PRS forms.”

Knowing the Gallghers’ modus operandi, now that the ball’s back in Liam’s court – it’s only a matter of time before he responds with a biting witticism of his own…

In related news, Beady Eye are reportedly working new material for their second album and booked to pay Japan’s Fuji Rock Festival this July. While Noel Gallagher and his High Flying Birds have a busy festival schedule of their own, playing UK’s Belsonic and V Festival as well as the French Rock En Seine music event.