The always-rocky relationship between estranged brothers and former Oasis bandmates Noel and Liam Gallagher is at an all-time low right now, with Liam’s recent comments surrounding the Manchester tragedy and subsequent tribute show now devolving into a constant war on Twitter.

After Liam performed at Ariana Grande’s Manchester tribute to the 22 victims of the bombing attack earlier this year, he was fiercely critical of Noel for not doing the same, calling him a “sad f***”.

And when Noel did reopen Manchester Arena months later with a tribute show, Liam branded it a “PR stunt”, slamming him for crying, and telling fans not to be fooled and adding that his brother “doesn’t give a fuck” about the city the pair were born in.

Having quietly weathered many of the attacks until now, Noel has spoken out about the increasing vitriol being sent his way, telling The Sunday Times (via Pitchfork) that his brother needs professional help.

“He needs to see a psychiatrist,” Noel says. “I don’t say that as a joke. Because young Mancunians, young music fans, were slaughtered, and he, twice, takes it somewhere to be about him. He needs to see somebody.”

But did his brother have a point about the benefit concert, and should Noel have performed there as well? “I didn’t get asked,” he insisted – although this, too, prompted another string of angry tweets from Liam, who insists he’ll release proof that Noel was asked to perform, and declined.

Noel of course donated the profits from ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ – which became an anthem of solidarity in the days and weeks following the tragedy – to victims of the attacks, but claimed he’d intended to keep that under wraps “until Mr. Angry bombarded the internet with his hate,” which prompted him to reveal the charitable gesture.

“People died,” he explained. “This is not about me or some other idiot. A woman’s just woken up from a coma to find her daughter’s dead. Have some respect.”

Of course, he couldn’t resist a parting shot at Liam’s debut solo album, adding, “You’d think he’d write songs about his divvy ex-wife [rather than me], having just been divorced from her, know what I mean?”

Noel has a new solo album of his own, Who Built The Moon?, out on November 24, but what of that Oasis reunion fans are still hoping for – and even Liam is still pushing for?

“Would you do it?” Noel asked. “You might for $200 million. But let’s say you didn’t need $200 million?”

Guess we’ll finally stop holding our breath.