Last week, Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington was laid to rest in a “beautiful” ceremony that featured memorial items with a musical theme, taking the form of artist lanyards and backstage wristbands, along with a stage for live music tributes.

It seemed like a wonderful way to remember the late singer and his monumental career, and to give guests something to remember him by, but now it seems that a couple of opportunists are listing the items on ebay for ridiculous prices.

As Rock Feed reports, two separate listings for the items have gone up eBay, with one of the sellers apparently hoping they “find a great home with someone that will understand the meaning of them”.

Or, you know, someone who will give the seller $50,000.

An eBay listing with items from Chester Bennington's funeral

Five Finger Death Punch bassist Chris Kael posted an image of the sales with the caption “Un. Fucking. Believable.”, while Mike Shinoda has urged fans to consider who they’re giving their money to when buying merch, as an array of unofficial items has sprung up.

While one ‘package’ had over 100 bids and had reached upwards of $50,000, at the time of writing the sales no longer appear on eBay, although it’s not clear if they were completed or taken down from ebay.

Either way, it’s pretty awful to think that someone who went to Chester’s service would try to profit from it like this.