Original KISS drummer Peter Criss is pulling the plug on his live career, branding his next appearances at two conventions as ‘One Last Time’ shows.

Criss has billed the next two dates as his “last live” shows, one of which is the Australian KISS Convention in Melbourne this May 12, where he is performing live at a VIP dinner. Unfortunately it isn’t a cheap affair, with tickets going for $761.52 for general admission. VIP’s can look forward to paying more than a grand.

Criss will also be appearing at the convention itself, which spans May 13, and 14 – although what this will entail remains to be seen. A live show at some point across the two days isn’t unthinkable, especially if he is calling it quits.

So, if you are a huge KISS fan, a huge Criss fan, or someone with money to burn, get tickets to the dinner here or find out more about the convention here.