Osher Günsberg is currently working on Hit105’s breakfast show – the clumsily-titled Stav, Abby and Matt with Osher! – where he has revealed his desire to revive Australian Idol.

This comes in the wake of X Factor Australia‘s recent cancellation and it seems Osher isn’t the only member of the original cast keen to be involved, with yesterday morning’s revelation that both Mark Holden & Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson would come on board.

This morning Osher gave Kyle Sandilands a call to see if he’d also be interested in stepping back into his judge’s hammock – and he would, although he is demanding “top dollar or you’re stuck with Mark & Dicko.”

Sandilands was paid $1million per season for Idol, so the network would need to top that. Or, you know, you could just not involve Kyle at all, and it might just be watchable.

Here’s season two Ricki-Lee Coulter crushing it. Enjoy!