Aussie music legend Paul Dempsey is no stranger to triple j’s studios, having taken Something For Kate to the Hottest 100 several years back with an enthralling version of Calvin Harris’ ‘Sweet Nothing’ featuring Florence Welch, effortlessly tackling the latter’s incredible vocal lines.

Now, he’s turned out another brilliant cover with nothing but an acoustic guitar on his lap, delivering his version of emerging act Middle Kids’ recent hit ‘Edge of Town’, his perfectly-controlled rasp bestowing a pretty significant honour on the Sydney trio.

Nothing experimental here, just a music vet adding another layer of beauty to a current choon, and showing the kids (Middle or otherwise) how it’s done. He also took a moment to play his own number ‘Idiot Oracle’, as a teaser for his solo tour later this year.

Whether or not we’ll see the name ‘Paul Dempsey’ on the Hottest 100 next year remains to be seen, but Middle Kids must be pretty stoked right now.