Melbourne’s airwaves are at risk of being suffocated by bland, oppressive mainstream radio. Every day music loving citizens are subjected to constant ad breaks, empty personalities and uninspired music. Who will save us from this torrent of musical oppression!?

PBS are hoping you can.

One of Melbourne’s longest-standing independent stations, PBS – “the home of little heard music” – have long championed the causes of grass roots radio, and once again they’ve sent out the proverbial Bat Signal to rally heroes to their cause with the annual PBS Radio Festival, with the theme for this year’s membership drive being, as you may have guessed, heroes.

Running from May 14 – 27, The Festival drives members to their super-cause: to support local, authentic, independent radio with PBS personally crusading against mundane music, their press release vowing:

“No set playlists – the music is chosen by real people who are passionate about the music they play and the genres they represent.”

“By becoming a PBS member during this year’s Radio Festival, you are not only in the running to win some great prizes, but you are also actively supporting the huge team of weekly volunteers who operate the station. Your financial support gives back to the station that gives Melbourne so much and helps the musicians who rely on PBS for their art to flourish and survive.”

So if you’ve got a passion for music beyond the mainstream, as well as supporting your local community and the arts, then heed PBS’ call-out for heroes.

For full details, as well as a list of those desirable prizes, check the stations website.