Matt Cameron, drummer for two of the biggest rock groups in musical history, has announced he will be releasing a nine-song solo album, Cavedweller, which will be available on September 22.

The album was announced through both Pearl Jam and Soundgarden’s social media channels with a two-minute(ish) clip comprising of trippy visuals and a megamix of various tracks from the record.Cameron probably wouldn’t refer to it as a ‘megamix’, mind.

Sonically, it sounds like a washier Alice in Chains – the snippet towards the one-minute mark is rather Cranberries-esque, too. Anyway, you can judge for yourselves, below.

(Check the album art under the clip, too. Bless Matt Cameron for his services to music, but that should be the cover for a misguided 2000-era reunion album from a ’70s prog band like Genesis or Yes.)

MAtt Cameron