Pendulum stole the show today (Saturday) on The Other Stage at Glastonbiry with an incendiary penultimate set that headliners Franz Ferdinand never stood a chance of topping – but they gave it a jolly good shot.

“Glastonbury!”, yelled MC Ben Mount as Pendulum took the stage, “We’re gonna take you to another dimension!”

True to his word, the drum and bass-infused electro rockers delivered a pummeling hour long set that drew the largest crowd of the day to The Other Stage. Every song was greeted by frenzied applause and the performance incited a rave atmosphere with black-clad rock kids and dayglo dance heads dancing with abandon.

“Right now it’s foot to the floor”, yelled Mount, “We don’t do half measures. You gotta live it, breathe it, believe it”.

A few bars of Metallica’s ‘Master Of Puppets’ intro caused a roar of excitement before they tore into an explosive ‘Tarantula’. If the field had a roof on, it would have been blown clean off.

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