Petition To Save Live Music

On Behalf of “Fair Go 4 Live Music”

The Petition of certain citizens of the State of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Council that the current liquor licensing laws and regulations are destroying the vibrancy and viability of live music performed in licenced venues.

The “high risk conditions” should not be triggered by cultural practice (if live or amplified music is being played) but rather by high alcohol consumption patterns. The assessment and application of security, CCTV and other high cost conditions should be evidence based, and not based on the biased assumptions and opinions of bureaucrats.

The Petitioners therefore request that:

1. The Victorian Government institute a proper investigation into the causes of violence and drunkenness.

2. Until such investigation is undertaken and concluded, the Government remove all references to “live and amplified music” from the licence amenity clause on liquor licences.

3. The Government formulate a cultural policy that promotes and maintains Melbourne as Australia’s capital for live music.
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Due to overwhelming demand this petition will stay open.┬áThis petition is on behalf of “Fair Go 4 Live Music”. By signing the petition you agree to receive periodical announcements.