The Sydney four-piece’s debut EP opens with ‘On The Road’, and with its ‘good time’ staccato synth riff matched with Charmion Kingston’s breathy vocals, it risks being another hit of indie-pop sweetness you don’t need. Luckily, this benevolent reviewer listened past thirty seconds. To do so (and I recommend you do) will reveal ear-watering harmonies, a rumbling bass line, and deep, rolling drum fills like distant thunder that instantly adds depth to the song.

‘Shutter Speed’ is a couple of notches down on the cheery dial. The track, although melancholy, doesn’t skimp on energy, and hosts a short but fantastically frenetic synth solo. ‘Feeling of Time’ follows, a dreamy drift through detachment; and if reduced to a scratchy acoustic guitar and whispering voice could have been an Elliott Smith song.

However, the most intriguing track on the EP is nestled right at the end. ‘Trees’ is a mesmerising track thanks to an eerie harmonised arrangement of Kingston’s voice and spacey, spiralling synths.

All four tracks show glimmers of greatness, although none of them feel like they are yet perfected to the full potential of the band. The EP showcases a rough but distinct song-writing talent within Hello Vera, and it might only take another release before they produce a polished gem.

– Tacey Rychter