Police have swooped on a planned ‘bush doof’ in regional New South Wales that was scheduled to kick off on Friday, shutting it down before it even began due to it being deemed illegal.

AsĀ The Tenterfield Star reports, Life, a three-day bush doof that was supposed to kick off on Friday, August 11th, has been shut down by police. The event, which was set to be located in the Tabulam/Bonalbo area, west of Casino, did not have planning approval, and as such is illegal.

The NSW Police Force also took to Facebook to discuss the event as well. Confirming that they intend to maintain a presence at the festival’s proposed location tomorrow, to ensure no one tries to party without permission.

Police have urged that anyone who had bought a ticket for the now-cancelled event should contact their ticket purchaser and ask for a refund.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that bush doofs have gained a significant amount of attention. Last year we spoke about how a Christian group decided to perform exorcisms on punters at the 2015 Maitreya Music Festival, while police slammed organisers of the Omega Festival last year for continuing following the death of an attendee. Hopefully the shutdown of NSW’s Life festival has saved it from becoming a Monday morning headline.