Some nights you go to gig and each band is so original and delivers their respective music in such a way that it makes you remember why you started going to gigs in the first place, and more importantly, why Melbourne night life is so much fun.

Selling out Northcote Social Club, local geezers Pony Face unleashed their second album Hypnotised to loyal punters, many of whom are undoubtedly still left under a trance from the evening.

Simon Bailey, Kris Emond and Anth Dymke have been playing round the traps for some time now, and judging by the crowd’s euphoric reactions they will be doing it for a lot longer too.

The night was a banging success for Melbourne music, with a quality supporting bill, Matt Walker and Flyying Colours getting amongst it, preheating the crowd to perfection.

Matt Walker’s laid back rootsy sounds almost transport you to another time, or at least a more awesome one. Walker effortlessly eased the crowd in from the cold and got knees bending and heads nodding. There should be more local music like this.

There’s just enough time in between gigs to top up nicotine and drink levels, then next up is Flyying Colours.  A 90s pysch-grunge feel and nostalgic Morrissey-like vocals make for a mesmerising combo. The night is a double celebration for the band as it is also lead singer Brodie J. Bruemmer’s birthday.

Quality track titles like ‘Wavy Gravy’, live up to their name serving up more delicious helpings from the Wagga kids. Every now and then friends in the room turn mid song to give each other the classic simultaneous nod of approval.

A beautiful trip. If they have a bandwagon consider jumping on it.

Pony Face’s Hypnotised, which has been getting some quality air time on RRR and PBS for a few months now, is filled with unrelenting mellow rock. These are the kind of songs you happily stumble onto while station surfing for the perfect tune – which then stop your search in its tracks.

The multiple layers, mixed distortions and humming guitars create a powerful fusion when combined with Bailey’s smooth gnarling vocals. Simultaneously dreamy and rocking, the trio have created something infectious and other-worldly. After playing together in various projects for many years the band have now truly mastered their sound, and this natural and instinctual quality is woven throughout Hypnotised and the band’s live show

The left-centre, upbeat ‘Silver Tongue’ and (my personal favourite) the insanely addictive ‘Alabama’ absorb the room, sound filling up all the spaces, which are few between the packed out bodies. Pony Face satisfy the loyal crowd with a few oldies and punters seem united in their excitement ensuring good vibes all round.

Finishing off the night with a true ruckus, one dazed fan even steps up to the stage, calmly removes his shirt and goes for a dive. If you’re not already under Pony Face’s trance, you should be.

-Amy Shackell

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