Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein have announced that Portlandia will be coming to an end, after being renewed for an eighth – and now final – season.

There’s not too much to worry about though; with the show winding up in 2018, and the seventh season only debuting this month, we will have plenty more Portlandia to watch.

“There’s still a lot to say with the show, but it seems scary to say it’s over,” creator Jonathan Krisel said during a press conference. “These things never are finite. We’ll work together again. There’s other outlets. We’ll just stop doing it in this form.”

Carrie Brownstein was diplomatic about the pair’s decision to end the series, stating: “The creation of art, sometimes it’s nice to put parameters around it; it helps with keeping it pointed.”

The pair have mentioned numerous times they plan to end the show soon, although it seems a little sad now that it is official.

Watch the below clip about the cons of attending a gig.