Beautiful, soulful, and truthful music is hard to come by these days, and when it does, it is often overlooked. Thankfully though, with Carus Thompson’s newest track ‘Beach Fires’, its message and beauty is something that just cannot be ignored.

Carus Thompson has been one of Australia’s best kept secrets for close to two decades. Despite a loyal fanbase for his performances with Carus Thompson And The True Believers overseas, Thompson is rarely listed among the favourites of your average Aussie punter.

With a mastery of storytelling and an innate knowledge of making memorable music with a message, Thompson’s music transcends genres, switching between an the casual, bluesy indie folk that he rose to fame with, to a sound that almost flirts with pop music, thanks to an occasional catchy chorus, or groove within a song.

After a five year absence from music, ‘Beach Fires’ marks the return of Carus Thompson to the world of music. With his trademark voice that is as familiar as it is comforting, Thompson’s seemingly stream-of-consciousness style of storytelling sees a scarily relevant tale of Australia’s ice epidemic and mental health in regional towns.

Co-written with Joel Quartermain (Meg Mac, Eskimo Joe), ‘Beach Fires’ is the first taste of Carus Thompson’s newest LP Islands, which is due to be released soon.

Be sure to check out the track’s video below.