Lanu, aka local funk/ soul/ everything in-between extraordinaire and frontman of The Bamboos Lance Ferguson is today unveiling ‘Nightmarchers’ the freshest cut from his forthcoming full-length album The Double Sunrise which is set for release Friday, February 5th on Pacific Theatre via Inertia.

Featuring the vocal talent of Megan Washington, the exotica and old school hip hop tinged ‘Nightmarchers’ tells the tale of ghostly spirit warriors still roaming throughout Hawaii, as explained by Ferguson: “a band of apparitions would march through the night to the beat of primitive drums. Some say they are wandering restlessly to avenge their own deaths, or simply to find passage into the next world. There are two rules: NEVER interrupt them and NEVER make eye contact (you or one of your own may be cursed).”

We’ve got this one penned as a record you’ll be needing to hear in 2016, so check out the eerie but enthralling track below and if you like what you hear pop by Lanu’s Facebook page for more info on the upcoming release.