Here we have a lovely new clip by Louise Terra, the solo project of Melbourne producer/songwriter Louise Terry – a subtle distinction. ‘Patience’ was recently released on Listen Records’ 2nd compilation, and serves as Louise’s debut under her new solo guise, having previously recorded as Brite Fight.

“The instrumentation on ‘Patience’ is bare and stripped back which really holds a captivating power,” says Louise of the track. “I wanted to emphasise the intimacy of the singing and lyrics and also reel the listener into a kind of hypnotic, alien state with the subtly of sounds in the backing track.”

The clip, made by video artist Zoe Scoglio, employs a “Zen visual aesthetic” to emphasise the feeling of waiting, while Louise’s hair is representative of various emotional states. Definitely plenty of subtext to soak up from this one.

If you like what you hear below, Louise has more solo work on the way in 2017. For now, you can also find her singing in glorious disco outfit Sugar Fed Leopards, and making futuristic electro sounds in duo Sawtooth.