The Leap Year hail from the world’s most isolated city, play picturesque indie-rock and have an undisclosed affinity with 1980s television commercial jingles. What’s not to love?

The band formed in 2006 and consist mostly of butter, beer, spirits, dope, original flavoured crisps and Wrob Schifferli (Guitar/vocals), Martin Allcock (Guitar/vocals), Paul Haimes (Bass/Keys/vocals), Chris Reimer (Drums/blood) and Melanie Price (Keyboards/Synth/Trombone/vocals). Best enjoyed as the soundtrack to a dirty movie.

Having played alongside international heavyweights Spoon, Low, Swervedriver and the like, the band are going from strength to strength.

Their second LP The Narrowing is an album of stories – heartbreak, want and boyhood dreams – in no particular order.

The follow-up to 2007′s horizon searching With a Little Push a Pattern Appears, is filled with lush arrangements that envelope sonic markers embedded along a mostly-fictional trajectory. Inescapably Australian and reluctantly mature, THE LEAP YEAR charge through some timely self-reflection setting nostalgic rock songs adrift in their wake.

The Narrowing is officially out on December 6th through Hobbledehoy and can be purchased here. Stream the record ahead of its release below.