Melbourne garage-pop outfit Sophisticated Dingo have put together one hell of a clip for their debut single ‘Witch Love’, taking clear inspiration from the title.

From lolling about in a sun-lit kiddie pool, the tale of sorcery-themed passion soon takes a dark and sleazy turn, but it’s all in good fun.

“It was a heap of fun shooting this clip,” says frontman Lewis Matte. “Everyone had a ball running amok in Jimmy’s backyard. We really wanted to go all out with this video while at the same time maintaing a DIY feel to it.

“I think the combination of the overacting in the cut shots and dressing up our best mate Johnny, as the witch, helped us take the piss out of ourselves in a fun way.”

The band promise to bring the same level of crazy energy to the stage as they launch the track Wednesday December 7 at the Grace Darling Hotel Basement in Melbourne.

“We really want this to be a massive night,” Lewis adds, “which is why we’ve made sure to have the video out before the show. Obviously we’re not going to be playing the gig in a pool, but there’s a heap of energy on display in the clip that is also present at a Dingo gig. So we hope people pick up on that and come along to the show.”