It’s been four years since synth-pop duo The Presets were dominating the globe with 2008’s Apocalypso, but it feels like a lot longer. The absence of the pair of Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes has been noticeable, with Moyes telling In The Mix  last year that they’d “made the conscious decision to just die for a bit…you know? Just rest for a little bit and let everything just naturally relax.”

Relaxation time is over, now the Presets are back to remind us that they haven’t fallen off the face of the planet.

Today the pair posted a link on their Facebook page accompanied by the simple message, “working on album 3.” Along with a link to a face-melting website called

The site appears to be a teaser for an upcoming album, with the movement of the mouse leaving a hypercolour, pixelated trail before it autoplays some warped, acid-fried visuals, footage of people fighting and distorted images of rioting; all the while a synth soundtrack steadily crescendos to a title reading ‘Youth In Trouble’.

We’d say it’s safe to assume that Youth In Trouble is the title for the duo’s long-awaited third studio album, and that hopefully we can expect further details soon.

In the meantime, check out the trippy website for yourself, or simply burn your retinas on the trailer below: