From the first drumstick click lead in, the vibe of this album is apparent; with a bouncing beat, clean rhythm guitar and melodic lines high in the mix point straight to indie pop influences.

There are particular similarities to Real Estate and Best Coast here, but the important and most appealing difference is the Norwegian accent from Razika’s quartet of 19-year-olds. It’s also fantastic to see that there are tracks sung in Norwegian and not all in English.

If anything this record certainly represents a contemporary sound, but also highlights the quartet’s knowledge of pop melodies and motifs. The second half of the record tends to focus on Razika’s ska influences with bouncing drums and off beat strumming of guitar.

‘Why Have We To Wait’ best encapsulates the band’s ability to bring pop, indie rock and ska together. The chorus has a catchy sing-along chorus but maintains that bouncing feel that is evident throughout the record. ‘Walk In The Park’ offers a slower more, intimate moment as they explore young relationships and branch away from the ska tropes.

The problem with this record is that there’s nothing here that really takes your breath away. The challenge for Razika is to really embrace the genre aspects of their sound and make it something of their own, instead of sounding like someone else.

– Gabe Andrews

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