If you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty big fans of Melbourne here at Tone Deaf. It’s not that we don’t love the rest of Australia, it’s just that we have a soft spot for our hometown and even the rest of the world thinks it’s what a music city ought to be.

Back in July, we reported on an audit of the world’s music cities conducted by the IFPI and Music Canada, which heaped tonnes of praise on Melbourne for the way it promotes its local live music scene, citing several specific government policies.

But if you needed more proof, the Andrews Government has just doled out some $500,000 to various local artists, venues, events, and record labels as part of Creative Victoria’s latest Music Works Major Funding Round.

“Musicians, bands, venues, festivals and events have received support for projects ranging from recording, to touring, promotional campaigns, music programming, international tours and showcases and the production of music videos,” a statement reads.

“The next major funding round will open in January 2017 and close at 5pm, 15 February 2017 for activities commencing after 1 June 2017.” Among the notable winners is buzz-magnet Alex Lahey, who scored $20,000 to fund the recording of her debut album.

Dreamy electronic chanteuse Banoffee scored $18,784 to fund the recording, writing, and marketing of her own debut album, whilst Cash Savage and The Last Drinks nabbed just over $12,000 to undertake their second tour of Europe.

Meanwhile, Milk Records picked up $8,391 for the mastering, production, and promotion of Split Singles Club, a Third Man Records-like mail-order subscription series of 6 x split 7″ singles from 12 Victorian artists.

It’s just another commendable move from a government that’s shown time and time again that it not only understands the importance of a vibrant local music scene, but takes pride in it. Your move, New South Wales.