We were already given a sneak peek of QOTSA’s new single ‘The Evil Has Landed’ when they debuted it at their first gig in two years, and it’s been popping up in sets ever since, but now we get to hear the studio version for the first time.

“Close… come close…” Josh Homme beckons, before launching into the rollicking, riff-driven number, which builds layer upon layer over the course of its six-and-a-half minutes.

The track joins ‘The Way You Used To Do’ as the band’s second single from QOTSA’s upcoming seventh album Villains, out August 25, which Josh Homme says will be more danceable than previous albums, influenced by the band’s team-up producer Mark Ronson.

The band have been talkative lately, with Josh Homme claiming that he’s only QOTSA’s frontman because he couldn’t find anyone to sing for them, and the band also fearing that “guitars are going extinct”.

If the track below is anything to go on, they’re not dying out just yet.

QOTSA’s brand new single, ‘The Evil Has Landed’