Recalling some brilliant touchstones of female oriented pop from over the past thirty years, such as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Mazzy Star, PJ Harvey and The Pretenders, Brisbane band Love Like Hate have released a highly impressive EP in the form of Rabbit Hole.

Displaying the very different approaches to songwriting of Heather Cheketri and Sonja Ter Horst, there is a beautifully serrated edge to the way the band approach pop, illustrated perfectly on the opening cut, “21”. Rabbit Hole keeps going from strength to strength over the space of its five tracks, the utter high point of which would have to be the brooding and incredibly striking “Porcelain Brothel”.

Rabbit Hole is a stunning release, and it will be interesting to see what this band does next. Love Like Hate are definitely keeping up that tradition of wonderful and compelling bands coming out of Queensland, sure to pick up more fans when they begin a tour next month.

– Neil Evans