Radiohead have been busy of late, knocking over a long run of dates for their A Moon Shaped Pool tour and celebrating the 20th anniversary of the seminal OK Computer, but Australia has so far been left out of the equation.

While the band haven’t toured Australia since 2012, an interview Ed O’Brien just had with BBC Two gives us a final shred of hope for a tour before the band disappear back into the ether to focus on solo work once again.

As CoS report, the guitarist revealed to the BBC that they have a “little tour” in the works before some “down time”, and we can only hope it’s meant to clean up the loose ends that weren’t covered on their recent shows, including Australia.

“We will hang up our Radioheads…” he continued. “It’s time for everyone to go off and do their own thing for a bit.”

Thom Yorke is about to start work on his first film score for the remake of Italian horror classic Suspiria, and Jonny Greenwood will also be working on several films with names like Paul Thomas Anderson and Joaquin Phoenix, while O’Brien is plotting the release of his own solo record later this year.

If they don’t find time to squeeze us into their last “little tour”, we’ll probably be left crossing our fingers for an OK Computer 30th anniversary tour instead…