On a journey driven by a desire to make music, sisters Neige and O Koppes left Sydney and travelled to New York, London and Los Angeles before finally landing back in Melbourne’s

deep and thriving music scene in late 2010. It was here in the nlaneway capital that they met guitarist Aaron Ronaldson and RAIN PARTY was formed

Fronted by the sweet-and-demonised vocals of Neige Koppes, the three blossomed quickly through jams, dragging all manner of sounds from their shared love of sparkling psychedelia and forbidden deeds. The intertwined measure of warbling notes and driving lead guitars from O and Aaron were quickly blended by Neige’s warm bass lines, casting a fresh new swaggering mould.

Eventually the talented trio stumbled upon Andrew Congues, giving new life to Rain Party  from behind the kit. With his water tight rhythms and crashes, an added menacing hook grew out of their trademark sound; which rings in somewhere close to the glorious mess of bands such as The Kills and The Brian Jonestown Massacre… and even the wails of PJ Harvey.

Having already earned high praise through early gigs in support of The Church and another legendary Australian band X, Rain Party  are regularly playing many of Melbourne’s favourite venues including The Corner Hotel, Cherry Bar, The Workers Club, Ding Dong, The Tote and The Espy.

Rain Party are pleased to announce the release of their debut self-titled EP, produced by Michael Badger (The Demon Parade), recorded at Hot House and Jaya Jaya Music and mastered in Sydney by William Bowden at King Willy Sound.

Rain Party the bands debut EP will be released through MGM on Friday 10th August, 2012.

Rain Party will be launching their ep on the following dates:

Friday 31st August

Cherry Bar – Melbourne

With support from Mary Of The Moon + Whipped Cream Chargers

Friday 14th September

FBI Social – Sydney

With support from  Young Romantics, Bang! Bang! Rock ‘n Roll + Yardvark

Check out Rain Party: www.facebook.com/rainparty

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