In 2010 Ronja Moss recorded Rain Song with producer Andy Baldwin (Cat Empire, Bjork, Spiderbait) in his Rola Pola Studio in Brooklyn, New York. Between the two of them a mandolin, fiddle, ukulele, and organ created the musical melody. Whilst Baldwin played with various tamborines and rainsticks, Moss sung a melody which would later become the bass line. Moss then sampled Accapella music live from the foot of the The Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. Rain Song was created within two days.

The video clip, however, took two years to come into being and two months to make. Filmed by Shaan Reza Ali, the footage was shot around the inner suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Ali and Moss were the only crew, traveling from parks, to city rooftops, to public beaches. it was an adventure!

Thanks to all that have helped along the way. Special thanks to Baldwin, Ali, Harry J. Angus, Emily Lubitz and all of our wonderful friends who starred in this clip. We could not have done it without you!