Funky slap bass is ready to make a comeback as the Red Hot Chili Peppers have announced that they’re heading in to the studio in July to make a new record which will be the first since 2006 release, Stadium Arcadium. It’ll be the first long player since John Frusciante quit the band yet again in December, replaced by new axe slinger Josh Klinghoffer. Drummer Chad Smith revealed their plans in a chat with Music Radar.

“We have a lot of material, probably about 20 songs. Pre-production will take a few months, but I’d say by July we’ll be laying down real tracks.”

“We’re all thrilled to have Josh be part of the group now,” Smith continued, laying on the brown nosing, adding “He’s been a friend of ours for a long time. He’s played with us, he’s played with John; he’s a real natural fit. [He’s] a real creative force – He’s going to play guitar, he’s going to write music, he’s going to sing and play keyboards.”