Red Symons: Skyhooks guitarist, ABC radio host, and the man who controlled the gong on Australia’s finest talent search competition ever, Red Faces, was rushed to hospital after blacking out and collapsing in the street.

Thankfully, this incident occurred over a week ago – on July 5 – with Symons being absent from his role as ABC Melbourne’s breakfast announcer ever since. No reason was given for Red’s absence, until he issued the below statement on Facebook:

“Hello everybody! Just over a week ago, on Wed 5 July, when walking home from the supermarket I experienced a sudden lack of consciousness. This resulted in a fall, with my head hitting the pavement.

“I am currently in hospital, thankful to be receiving the best of medical attention and working on a speedy recovery.

“I’m sorry for this unexpected absence, but I’m looking forward to getting back to work as soon as possible.”

Here’s to a quick recovery, Red.