It’s well known that lead singers in bands get all the attention, glory and attention from chicks but do they get the biggest bucks too? After delving into the bank accounts of the world’s richest drummers, we thought it might be interesting to tackle a whole new musical specimen: the frontman. How much are our favourite lead singers actually worth? The top ten may just surprise you. (via Celebrity Net Worth)

It's well known that lead singers in bands get all the attention, glory and attention from chicks but do they get the biggest bucks too? After delving into the bank accounts of the world's richest drummers, we thought it might be interesting to tackle a whole new musical specimen: the frontman. How much are our favourite lead singers actually worth? The top ten may just surprise you. (via Celebrity Net Worth)
#67: Scott Weiland: Net Worth – $10 Million (Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver, Solo)
Jumping on the grunge bandwagon in the mid 90s proved a financially solid move for this versatile baritone. Exemplifying the excess that comes with these colossal salaries, Weiland’s career has been plagued with addiction and controversy, as well as more savoury business ventures such as a clothing label.
#66: Jacoby Shaddix: Net Worth – $12 Million (Papa Roach)
Seriously, Papa Roach is still around? Although being a remnant from the nu-metal age many of us are still so desperately trying to leave behind, Papa Roach’s once whopping popularity and a stint hosting MTV’s Scarred has secured Shaddix some respectable bank.
#65: Gregg Allman: Net Worth – $15 Million (Allman Brothers)
Refusing to die (despite the literal death of two of its members) the Allman Brothers have chugged along since ’69 despite constant rotation of band members. Proving legacy sells, Allman has cycled through close to fifteen band members and six wives, yet has remained an American icon throughout.
#64: Geoff Tate: Net Worth: $17 Million (Queensrÿche)
Recently fired from Queensrÿche for conducting shady business deals such as securing royalties entitled to the whole band for himself, Tate is obviously pushing for a spot a little higher on the list. Despite his recent greed and arrogant behaviour, Tate was once a metal giant, and is still highly respected within the metal community.
#63 : Dave Mustaine: Net Worth – $20 Million (Metallica, Megadeath)
The outspoken whiny brat of metal slots in to spot 63, with a cool $20 million under his belt. Never far from the press as Megadeth’s one constant, Mustaine is considered b
#62: Chester Bennington: Net Worth – $25 Million (Linkin Park)
Bennington and co. were able to do something our mate Jacoby a few spots above wasn’t able to and transcend the nu-metal craze. Collaborating with Jay-Z, touring stadiums and film cameos are now all in a days work, as Bennington has become a respectable member of the entertainment business, earning him a fat pay check in the process.
#61: Rob Halford: Net Worth – $25 Million (Judas Priest)
Gay icon and operatic metal knight Rob Halford has cemented his place as one of metal’s most over the top performers, while still remaining a grounded and level headed human being. Continuously lending his vocal chops to other bands in live performances and recording sessions, Halford has more recently ventured into video games with 2009’s love letter to all things metal, Brütal Legend. Those studded leather chaps won’t pay for themselves.
#60: Marilyn Manson: Net Worth - $25 Million
In and out of court for the majority of his career, shock rock master Marilyn Manson has approached the music business with an entrepreneurial mindset in order to pay the mounting legal bills. Lending his infamous name and appearance to endless merchandising schemes, including his own energy drink and an absinthe hilariously titled ‘Mansinthe’, Manson will be able to afford the sexual misconduct and assault charges for years to come.
#59: Geddy Lee: Net Worth – $28 Million (Rush)
Rush’s steady touring and cult fan base has been filling front man Geddy Lee’s bank account steadily since the early 70s, meaning Lee has not had the time, nor the need to engage in any business dealings outside of music to acquire his fortune. A cultured fellow, Lee has dismissed the sex and drugs that come with his profession, and instead prefers to empty his bank account into gourmet cheese and fine wine.
#58: Chad Kroeger: Net Worth – $30 Million (Nickelback)
The punch line to every music snobs’ joke, Kroeger has amassed his loot through accessible post-grunge rock ballads and the licensing of his resemblance for use by Paddle Pop. Currently working with fiancé Avril Lavigne, teenie-boppers are the next market this squeaky-clean rocker has targeted to suck dry.
#57: Scott Stapp: Net Worth – $30 Million (Creed)
Despite never actually meeting a fan of the group in my life, Creed has managed to become one of Christian rock’s more successful ensembles. Donating large sums of money to humanitarian benefits, Stapp has been a responsible and morally sound rock role model. Except for the drinking. And domestic abuse. And sex tapes. Oh my.
#56: Jack White: Net Worth – $30 Million (The White Stripes)
One of rock’s most secretive persona’s, White is also one of the busiest. Playing in multiple bands, producing albums for acts varying from Jerry Lee Lewis to the Insane Clown Posse, and appearing in a slew of films, White hasn’t left the limelight, or the pay roll, since he crashed onto the scene in the early 2000s.
#55: Thom Yorke: Net Worth – $35 Million (Radiohead)
One of the most critically and commercially successful bands of all time, Radiohead have gotten to the point in their career not many bands ever reach, no longer feeling the need to charge for their music. Despite the pay what you want scheme for 2007’s In Rainbows, the album still raked in more cash than most bands see in their lifetime.
#54: Trent Reznor: Net Worth – $40 Million (Nine Inch Nails)
Reznor’s tumultuous relationship with the record industry came to an end in 2007, yet even as he encouraged his fans to ‘steal and steal and steal some more’ of his music, his records with Nine Inch Nails continued to fly out the door. Bagging an Oscar for his work on The Social Network and penning the main theme for the next entry of the wildly successful Call of Duty videogame franchise, Reznor is set on increasing the breadth of his music, as well as his income.
#53: David Byrne: Net Worth – $40 Million (Talking Heads)
Much like Reznor, Byrne has found success in the world of film scoring, securing an Oscar for the best original score in 1987’s The Last Emperor. Despite the Talking Heads disbanding over 20 years ago, Byrne still writes and tours as a solo act, and has continuously worked within film and theatre scoring, as well as featuring artwork in various contemporary art galleries and museums around the world.
#52: David Lee Roth: Net Worth – $40 Million (Van Halen)
Returning to Van Halen for a reunion tour in 2007, Roth has been laughing all the way to the bank ever since. Grossing $93 million over 74 dates, the tour was a smashing success. Releasing their first album with Roth since ’84 to positive reception early this year, it seems like Van Halen are back and they’re the real deal. As of February they’ve hit the road again, and really, can you blame them?
#51: Jonathan Davis: Net Worth – $45 Million (Korn)
As well as fronting the angsty teenager favourite, Korn, Davis has spent time developing video games, going into preliminary development for a game where players would pit members of Limp Bizket, Marilyn Manson and Korn against each other in one-on-one combat. Unfortunately for all, the game never saw the light of day. To help pay the bills for such hobbies Davis has also landed some dynamite acting positions including the roles of ticket scalper, a crack dealer and a store clerk.
#50: Maynard James Keenan: Net Worth – $45 Million (Tool)
Known for his reclusive nature, Keenan has invested heavily in food and wine, buying into Los Angeles restaurant Cobras & Matadors. When not performing and writing with Tool or his supergroup A Perfect Circle, Keenan also owns and operates a Vineyard in Arizona, dedicating his time to producing quality affordable wines.
#49: Jon Anderson : Net Worth - $45 Million (Yes)
Former Yes frontman Jon Anderson left in 2004, after three decades in one of prog rock's most prolific groups. He recorded a total of 19 albums with the group and is reportedly furious that Yes have since carried on without him. But with $45 million in the piggy bank, we're sure he'll get over it.
#48: Steve Perry: Net Worth – $45 Million (Journey)
To your kid-sister, Steve Perry is the guy who sings the other version her favourite Glee song. That fact has no doubt pushed the divisive Journey singer up this list. Perry has one of the most unique and divisive voices in rock. And an impressive mullet too.
#47: Vince Neil: Net Worth – $50 Million (Motley Crue)
Motley Crue were the kings of Hollywood's notoriously decadent Roxy scene. You might think that's a recipe for bankruptcy, but frontman Vince Neil has obviously been surprisingly prudent since then, clocking in at a tidy $50 million.
#46: Zack de la Rocha: Net Worth – $50 Million (Rage Against the Machine)
Of Mexican descent, Rage frontman Zack de la Rocha grew up in a place he called "one of the most racist cities imaginable". "If you were a Mexican in Irvine, you were there because you had a broom or a hammer in your hand," he said. These days, de la Rocha has a microphone in his hand as one of the most revered singers in alternative rock.
#45: Liam Gallagher: Net Worth – $50 Million (Oasis)
Often considered the lesser talented Gallagher, the mouthy Britpop singer is a permanent fixture in the British tabloids. Born of humble beginnings, Gallagher has been causing havoc since the 90s. Of course, Gallagher is anything but working class now, with his considerable millions affording him a cushy London lifestyle. Following Oasis' split in 2009, Gallagher has carried on with his band mates (minus Noel, of course) in new group called Beady Eye.
#44: Billie Joe Armstrong: Net Worth – $55 Million (Green Day)
While you might question the trajectory of Green Day's musical credibility, there's no doubting Billie Joe's balance is heading the right direction. After a string of well-received pop-punk albums in the 90s, Armstrong and co hit the big time commercially with 2004's American Idiot. It lead to an inevitable backlash and a hell of a lot more cash.
#43: Chris Martin: Net Worth – $60 Million (Coldplay)
Much maligned for a lack of edginess, Martin is the face of one of the world's most popular bands today. And with an increasingly eccentric wardrobe, Martin's come a long way from the unremarkable looking bloke we saw walking through rain in the video for 'Yellow'. These days, he's pals with Rihanna, Jay-Z and is married to Gweneth Paltrow. You might say he's living in para, para, paradise.
#42: Tom DeLonge: Net Worth – $60 Million (Blink 182)
Tom DeLonge may have worked three jobs to buy his first Fender guitar, but his initial ambitions were to become a firefighter. Luckily music soon became his focus and with the phenomenal success of Blink-182, we suspect he gets a discount on his guitars these days. Not that he needs it.
#41: Mark Hoppus: Net Worth – $60 Million (Blink 182)
Alongside DeLonge, Hoppus' nasally whine has been soundtracking teen house parties since the mid 90s. With hits like 'Adam's Song' and 'What's My Age Again' to his name, and a weekly television show on US cable, his enviable wealth should come as no surprise.
#40: Chris Cornell: Net Worth – $60 Million (Soundgarden, Audioslave)
The Soundgarden and Audioslave man has been at the forefront of alternative rock for two decades. Possessing one of the biggest voices to come out of the Seattle grunge scene in the early 90s, Cornell also wrote and performed the theme to Bond film, Casino Royale.
#39: Roger Daltrey: Net Worth – $65 Million (The Who)
At 68 years old, Roger Daltrey is one of the oldest rock singers still performing. What's more impressive - as anyone who saw the Olympics Closing Ceremony will attest - is that old Roger still packs plenty of onstage punch.
#38: Stevie Nicks: Net Worth – $65 Million (Fleetwood Mac, Solo)
Nicks may be infamous for an expensive cocaine addiction but she also lent her voice to some of the finest albums of the 70s. Having overcome her drug demons, she now divides her time between the on-again-off-again Fleetwood Mac, and a successful solo career.
#37: John Fogerty: Net Worth – $68 Million (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Fogerty has the rare distinction of being named in Rolling Stone's 100 greatest guitarist and 100 greatest singers. Despite ranking so highly on this list, Fogerty opposes using his songs in commercials. When Wrangler Jeans did a deal to use the CCR song 'Fortunate Son' in an ad without Fogerty's permission, he was furious. Fogerty's complaints were picked up by the LA Times and to Wrangler's credit, they pulled the commercial.
#36: Peter Gabriel: Net Worth – $70 Million (Genesis, Solo)
The only flautist on the list, and the only one to release four albums of the exact same name, Peter Gabriel is the man who took being super-weird to the stage and made 70 million out of it. He also works closely with such humanitarian forces as Amnesty International and Nelson Mandela, so you can't even resent him for all that money.
#35: Joe Elliott: Net Worth – $70 Million (Def Leppard)
Rarely seen without a union jack adorning some part of his body, Joe Elliott is as British as the Beatles, but in way tighter pants. This man deserves his 70 million for the strength of his mullet alone. But, if you insist on a musical reason, 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' is a pretty excellent one.
#34 Trey Anastasio: Net Worth – $75 Million (Phish)
Not only the 34th member of the list, but the one with the coolest name, Phish frontman Trey Anastasio is proof you don't need a mainstream audience to become very, very rich.
#33: Michael Stipe: Net Worth: $75 Million (R.E.M.)
Outspoken activist Michael Stipe will be doing just fine following R.E.M.’s split last year, checking in with a net worth of $75 million. Recently enraged over the Fox News use of “Losing My Religion”, Stipe also runs two film production companies: C-00 and Single Cell Pictures.
#32: Brian Wilson: Net Worth: $75 Million (The Beach Boys)
As the mastermind behind many of The Beach Boys’ biggest hits, Brian Wilson has quite the back catalogue. Recently in Australia for the 50th Anniversary Reunion, Wilson has showed interest in rising in this list, saying that although he doesn’t particularly like working with his old band, a new album may be in the works depending on how much money is involved.
#31: Bob Dylan: Net Worth: $80 Million
The iconic singer-songwriter has amassed his net worth through 35 studio albums and a never-ending tour schedule since 1988. Dylan has been doing his best to save his fortune against the “wussies and pussies” that are claiming he may have stolen lyrics from other authors.
#30: Eddie Vedder: Net Worth: $80 Million (Pearl Jam)
As well as being lead singer and guitarist for Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder has also found the time to release two solo records: the soundtrack for Into The Wild as well as last years Ukelele Songs. Vedder has also made special appearances with good mates Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Fallon and will even make a guest appearance on Portlandia.
#29: Gwen Stefani: Net Worth: $80 Million (No Doubt, Solo)
Drawing bewilderingly level with Eddie Vedder and Bob Dylan, Gwen Stefani has also appeared in films such as Zoolander and The Aviator, as well as guest starring in Gossip Girl and King Of The Hill. Stefani could have rocketed ahead of Dylan and Vedder if not for a $1 million donation following the Japan earthquake.
#28: Ozzy Osbourne: Net Worth: $90 Million (Black Sabbath, Solo)
Black Sabbath singer, solo artist, part-time dove-biter and full-time scary looking dude, Ozzy has definitely amassed a fortune. Despite Black Sabbath’s success, ‘The Prince Of Darkness’ only achieve full celebrity status following the annoyingly entertaining reality show The Osbournes, centered on the day-to-day lives of his family.
#27: Brian Johnson: Net Worth: $90 Million (AC/DC)
The highly energetic frontman lays claim to the second best selling album of all-time in Back In Black. Replacing the deceased Bon Scott in 1980, Johnson has also released an autobiography in 2009 and has hinted at retiring in the near future.
#26: Eric Clapton: Net Worth: $115 Million (Cream, Solo)
Although achieving much fame and fortune with Cream and as a solo artist, Clapton may be considering a move into art dealership following the auctioning of a painting owned by Clapton that is expected to reach at least $14 - 19 million.
#25: Bruce Dickinson: Net Worth: $115 Million (Iron Maiden)
Not content with being leader vocalist of one of the most successful metal bands in history, Dickinson has also dabbled in the world of airplanes, launching an aircraft maintenance business in May this year as well as flying planes for over 20 years. Dickinson had the chance to combine these two passions with introduction of the bands own charter plane, dubbed ‘Ed Force One’.
#24: Robert Plant: Net Worth: $120 Million (Led Zeppelin)
Voted “the greatest voice in rock” by readers of Planet Rock, Plant could have greatly increased his net worth if he hadn’t rejected an offer of $200 million to reform and tour Led Zeppelin following an epic reunion show in 2007.
#23: Sammy Hagar: Net Worth: $120 Million (Van Halen)
‘The Red Rocker’ not only fronted Van Halen and currently sings for Chickenfoot, but is also involved in an eclectic range of business ventures, including a Mexican nightclub, a mountain bike store and even being a tequila mogul.
#22: Anthony Kiedis: Net Worth: $120 Million (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Although squandering much of his fortune on a nearly life-long drug addiction, the now clean frontman still holds a small fortune, and with a TV adaptation of his widely successfully autobiography Scar Tissue in the works, this is likely to only rise.
#21: Jon Bon Jovi: Net Worth: $125 Million (Bon Jovi)
Bon Jovi is definitely not Livin’ On A Prayer, with a net worth of $125 million. The often denim-clad frontman of Bon Jovi will enjoy being a solid 23 spots higher than Billie Joe Armstrong, who labelled Bon Jovi the “worst band” he’d ever played with.
#20: Steven Tyler: Net Worth: $130 Million (Aerosmith)
The Aerosmith frontman is perhaps better known to the younger generation as the (now formerly) highly eccentric judge on American Idol. With a net worth of $130 million, Tyler will easily have enough money to buy as many of his beloved scarves and fur coats to last him a lifetime.
#19: David Gilmour: Net Worth : $130 Million (Pink Floyd)
Coming in just fifteen mil short of Pink Floyd bandmate Roger Waters, lead guitarist David Gilmour is still sitting prettier than most on 130 million dollars - a vast improvement from his busking days, when he was so strapped for cash he was actually treated at one point for malnutrition. The highly influential artist can also count the Queen amongst his fans, having been honoured with a CBE.
#18: Roger Waters: Net Worth – $145 Million (Pink Floyd)
What's the best way of proving you aren't just another brick in the wall? Join the most popular progressive rock band ever, write several of the most definitive concept albums of all time, accumulate $145 million and be inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, is basically how its done.
#17 Axl Rose: Net Worth – $150 Million (Guns N’ Roses)
The Guns n Roses frontman almost more famed for his temper spats with former bandmates than his actual vocal abilities clearly hasn't come away too badly from his feud with lead guitarist Slash, and not just in terms of cold hard cash. If the cool 150 million sitting in his bank account wasn't enough, the rumour mill is also churning with news of his potential involvement with Lana Del Rey. Nice.
#16: James Hetfield: Net Worth: $175 Million (Metallica)
Joining Metallica after answering a classified ad by Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield’s net worth has skyrocketed to $175 million, and will now be saving even more money after becoming “a reborn straight edge” in 2010 following years of troubles with alcohol.
#15: Don Henley: Net Worth: $200 Million (The Eagles, Solo)
Founding member of The Eagles and the voice behind “Hotel California”, “Witchy Women” and plenty more, Henley has also found the time for a hugely successful solo career, for environmental advocacy by founding The Walden Woods Project, and for jeopardizing his place in this list by being a large donator to the Democratic Party in the US.
#14: Bruce Springsteen: Net Worth: $200 Million (The E Street Band)
With a net worth of $200 Million, Springsteen has definitely earned the title of ‘The Boss’, selling more than 120 million albums worldwide and even appearing in High Fidelity. Springsteen, whose concerts have been known to go for more than four hours, gained some probably unnecessary publicity following the use of his music during Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, with sales for ‘We Take Care Of Our Own’ jumping 409% after it was played during a Democratic Convention.
#13: David Bowie: Net Worth: $215 Million
Bowie’s massive $215 Million in net worth comes from an eclectic and at times downright weird collection of hits, including ‘Space Oddity’, ‘Let’s Dance’ and ‘Ashes To Ashes’. Bowie, along with his androgynous alter-ego Ziggy Stardust, has also made many memorable appearances in films, including The Man Who Fell To Earth, The Prestige and even in an episode of Spongebob Squarepants.
#12: Rod Stewart: Net Worth: $220 Million
The distinctly raspy voiced frontman may well have been place higher on the list if not for two (and counting) hugely expensive divorces. The renowned ladies-man has said that “instead of getting married again, I’m going to find a woman I don’t like and just give her a house”, indicating that he is non-too fussed with his position on this list.
#11: Dave Grohl: Net Worth: $225 Million (Foo Fighters, Nirvana on drums)
Grohl’s worth has continued to grow after drumming for Nirvana, founding and fronting Foo Fighters as well being involved with supergroup Them Crooked Vultures. Grohl’s outspoken support for piracy may have dented his net worth, famously stating “the first thing we should do is get all the fucking millionaires to shut their mouths, and stop bitching about the 25 cents a time they’re losing”. Grohl’s fortune suffered a further, albeit minuscule) hit after being fine $400 for driving a scooter under the influence on the Gold Coast in 2000.
#10: Prince: Net Worth: $250 Million
The Artist Formerly Known As The Artist Formerly Known As Prince checks in at number 10 with a cool $250 Million. The flamboyant frontman has strived to maintain this figure through various copyright claims, including an ongoing lawsuit against YouTube and eBay for not removing Prince’s copyright material.
#9: Dave Matthews: Net Worth: $250 Million (Dave Matthews Band)
The ever divisive frontman of the cleverly named The Dave Matthews Band cracks the top 10 with $250 million. Matthews wealth has proven reliant on his huge and almost never-ending tour schedule, playing (at least) a ridiculous 1,692 shows since 1992.
#8: Phil Collins: Net Worth - $250 Million (Genesis, Solo)
Phil Collins was once reported as saying if the British Labour Party won government, he would leave the country for tax purposes. Though Labour lost that particular election, Collins now covets his insane wealth in Switzerland. His hard earned comes from work with Genesis and a highly fruitful solo career that includes hits such as 'Can't Stop Loving You' and 'In The Air Tonight'.
#7: Sting: Net Worth: $290 Million (The Police, Solo)
Sting’s illustrious career has earned him an Order Of The British Empire, 25 American Music Awards, and the position of seventh richest frontman. Sting’s antics haven’t been limited to music either, with cameos in The Simpsons, Bee Movie, Bruno and Life’s Too Short.
#6: Gene Simmons: Net Worth - $300 Million (KISS)
Gene Simmons, or The Demon, to use his stage name, is not so much a musician as a brand. He's been in countless films and has his own hugely successful reality TV show called Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Aside from that, he also plays bass and sings in one of the biggest rock bands of all-time.
#5: Mick Jagger: Net Worth - $305 Million (Rolling Stones)
If you were a parent in the 1960s, Mick Jagger embodied everything that was wrong with youth culture. Louche, keen on drugs and openly promiscuous, Jagger abandoned ambitions in politics and journalism to play in a scrappy R&B covers band. Half a century on, it's proved to be a smart decision.
#4 Elton John: Net Worth: $320 Million
Sir Elton John impressively maintains fourth spot despite reportedly spending 30 Million pounds in just two years. John holds the best selling single in history on the UK Charts with “Candle In The Wind”, which probably helped in repaying that lost 30 Million. John recently collaborated with Aussie group Pnau on the remix album Good Morning To The Night, which also reached the #1 spot in the UK.
#3 Jimmy Buffett: 400 Million
It makes a truly beautiful statement about society that our third richest frontman not only wrote the song 'Cheeseburger in Paradise,' but named his chain of restaurants the same thing. Unsurprisingly, the majority of his money comes from touring, because who wouldn't want to see somebody this awesome in person.
#2 Bono: 600 Million (U2)
World's second richest frontman, world's first biggest wanker. When not being the odd one out at summits of African leaders, investing in Facebook or literally putting on rose-coloured glasses, he's been busy penning the lyrics to songs like 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' and 'Beautiful Day.' Which are excellent, true, but can't he stop making that stupid peace sign?
#1 Paul McCartney: 800 Million (The Beatles)
One of the four most famous musicians in the world, McCartney formed with John Lennon what was probably the greatest songwriting partnership of all time (sorry Glimmer Twins.) 'Yesterday,' 'Let it Be,' 'Eleanor Rigny' 'Penny Lane'…the music world has a lot to thank him for. Also responsible for proving there's nothing wrong with being a bassist.