It’s no surprise that Jack Black and Kyle Gass, otherwise known as Tenacious D, are as popular and loved as they are.

They are a breath of fresh air in an in industry often guilty of taking itself far too seriously. Tenacious D are over-the-top in all the right ways.

Their third album Rise Of The Fenix doesn’t necessarily indicate any musical or lyrical progression, but it does deliver the usual laughs and epic-ness that they have become known for. Once again enlisting the help of little-known drummer Dave Grohl to bolster an already loud production.

Classic rock is king on this record, however ‘Senorita’ does start in stereotypical Spanish guitar mode before launching into fast heavy rock. Meanwhile pop ballad,  ‘Roadie’, shows the bands nuanced knowledge of pop, even enlisting strings for extra drama.

The beauty in Tenacious D is their understanding of typical music motifs, particularly taking advantage of their affinity with rock influences such as Led Zeppelin. They’re able to construct entertaining rock tunes in their own right while maintaining the comedic edge. A highly enjoyable listen.

– Gabe Andrews