The ultimate rock n roll duo, Jack Black and Kyle Gass, otherwise known as Tenacious D are back and for anyone who’s asking they are totally ready to kick some ass.

The D’s first album in nearly six years, Rize Of The Fenix, is due to drop on May 15th, but we’ve got our hands on a stream of the entire album two weeks early.

Speaking to Vice Magazine about the five year gap between albums, Jack Black explained they’ve “been percolating. We could have stayed on the scene and cranked out an album every year, but that’s just not the way we do it.”

“We don’t do it until it’s the best. I don’t want—and I know Kyle feels the same—we don’t want to put out a “good” album. We want to put out an album that’s head and shoulders above the rest of our albums,” he added.

“I want to blow minds. I don’t want people to smile—I want them to cry. We took five years. That’s our usual incubation. But basically, to answer your question, we’ve been in a very small shack down in Mexico just working. Nose to the grindstone. I would occasionally come out and make a major motion picture but then right back into the shack.”

You can listen to Rize Of The Fenix in all its glory below.