It was a massive day for footy, beer and rock n’ roll yesterday as Melbourne’s finest rock pigs all gathered at the Elsternwick Oval to see the Espy Rockdogs go head to head with the RRR/3PBS Megahertz. In a fairly one sided match, the Espy Rockdogs reclaimed their crown off the Megahertz, who won by  solitary point last year after a much discussed and disputed umpiring decision. Around 10,000 people gathered for all the spills, thrills, bumps and dubious umpiring decisions that make up a Community Cup. The odd sneaky cigarette and tinnie of beer was seen being consumed by players during the half time and quarter time breaks, while out in the crowd it was black jeans, leather jackets and sunglasses galore.

Highlights of the day included The Spazzys bringing a pizza on to the ground, while musically The Rebelles and You Am I saw fairly unanimous best on grounds awarded to them. The former’s Nick Cave heavy set featured a stunning rendition of ‘Deanna’ and having Dan Sultan join them for a rendition of ‘Where The Wild Roses Grow’, while the latter’s set included a surprise cover of ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ and finished off with the obligatory Cave cover in the form of ‘There She Goes, My Beautiful World’. In the end, the scores stood at the Rockdogs 11.10.76 to the Megahertz 4.17.41.

Medals were awarded after the match, with the Steve Connolly medal for best on ground going to Michael Cini, while the Grant McLennan medal for most stylish player went to Davey Lane of You Am I, who has been to training around 15 times but never played a match. The Dave McComb medal for most courageous player was awarded by Rob McComb to Maree Fewster, while the Dave Taranto medal for funniest player went to the kilt wearing Dave The Scot, AKA Dave Hinnrichs. Rounding out the medals, the Paul Hester and Tim Hemensley medals were both awarded to long time player Kat Spazzy.

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