Roger Daltrey has admitted that The Who might pack it up after their upcoming run of U.S. dates, claiming the band are sick of every aspect of touring – aside from the actual gigs.

“We’re not tired of playing,” the singer told NME. “We’re not tired of getting on that stage, we love it but we’re tired of the scheduling, the time changes and the different hotels, the different beds, the ‘Where the fuck am I?’ in the middle of the night. I’ve had 53 years of that.”

There is also the grim possibility that the decision might be out of the band’s hands.

“We seriously don’t know if we’ll ever play again after this tour. People at our age have been popping their clogs so let’s just get real here, where we are in our lives. We’re doing remarkably well for where we are but we just don’t know.”

The band have a run of U.S. shows booked, but nothing after this. Things may stay this way.

“If we get through this year, we’re gonna need some time off. We’ll re-think it after that”, he says ominously. “Obviously as a singer, I’ve got to keep working if I want to keep singing because that’s how voices work. If I stop singing now for a year, it’ll be all over.”