After dropping one of the albums of the decade, fumbling the ball for a few years initially and finally breaking up in bitter circumstances in ’96, many Stone Roses fans never would have expected to see the band back together, but they surprised us all when they found themselves back together again in 2011 and even dropped a couple of tracks last year.

If fans at their most recent gig are to be believed, however, the reunion is over, with punters claiming that frontman Ian Brown announced the band’s split to the 90,000 strong Glasgow crowd.

“Don’t be sad it’s over, be happy that it happened,” he was quoted as saying, and fans at the show are pretty damn certain he was talking about the band itself, rather than the set at hand. One fan even claims to have heard the news firsthand from the son of drummer Reni, as posted below.

Having played a career-spanning set, the scene below seems a pretty appropriate end for the band if it is in fact their final performance together, although we can’t help but wish they’d return to their hometown of Manchester for one last farewell.

The NME have reached out to the band’s management, but haven’t heard anything at this stage, while social media is all silent.