Wednesdays are strange. The excitement of the previous weekend has died down as you wait in anticipation to see what the next weekend will bring.

However, for a few hundred Sydney-siders the party began a few days early. The Standard, a fantastic split level venue with a warehouse feel and many a great viewing spot, was turned into a sea of paisley, check and maroon as people came to see three fantastic bands showcase their talented indie pop.

Sydney’s very own The Griswolds began the show on an amazing note. Their five members buzzing with energy from the beginning, starting with a fantastic intro which had the singer playing along on drums, tambourines and a synth. “We’re all the way from Sydney” they joked, before informing that their second song “Beware Of The Dog” was about an ex-girlfriend. While “Mississippi” had everyone dancing with its epic percussion, finishing their set with a bang.

The Voltaire Twins followed, coming all the way from Western Australia. They were amazing to watch but lacked the energy of their counterparts. Their songs featured cute melodies and a great combination of fancy synth and percussion, but lacked the element that would draw the crowd in.  They ended on a brilliant note however, with a song with the energy the rest lacked.  Hopefully they will get out from behind the synths as they have the potential to become a real show-stopper rather than just background noise.

Finally it was the band people came to see, as Perth’s San Cisco hit the stage, the majority of the crowd changed their attitude.

Opening with their hit song “Golden Revolver,” their catchy hooks and up-beat tempos had people on both levels of The Standard singing and dancing. They even had the bar staff dancing and enjoying themselves as they poured drinks for thirsty patrons. Chatting and joking between songs, all smiles as they played, San Cisco showed that there was no other place that these four would rather be.

The set included a cover of Arctic Monkeys’ ‘505’, some old favourites and even some brand new songs. During “John’s Song” lead singer/guitarist Jordi Davieson performed solo, softening the mood, yet still enchanting the crowd.

When the band came back on stage, they thought it time to introduce each other. Rousing applause and cheers at drummer/singer Scarlett Stevens’ introducted prompted Jordi to point out that “everyone always likes Scarlett more but it’s easy to see why.” Not only is it refreshing to see a girl on drums, but she looks stunning and rocks out, encouraging the crowd to dance all the while.

Finishing the evening with “Rocket Ship” and “Awkward”, was the highlight of the night, with everyone singing and dancing. The final strums of the guitar drowned out by the cheers of the crowd and as they poured out onto the busy Sydney streets, you could feel the excitement.

-Marissa Hanson