The ever-quirky Kate Miller-Heidke returns with the single ‘Sarah’ from her upcoming third studio album, Nightlight. The first single she dropped from her last album was ‘Can’t Shake It,’ a disco-opera pop diamond that gave a good giggle to all who listened, Sarah on the other hand will wipe any smile from your face.

This piano driven track tells the chilling true story of a day at Livid Festival in 1997, in which Kate and her friend ‘Sarah’ were watching Ben Folds Five, and suddenly Sarah goes missing. Kate and her dad look for her until the early morning, finding nothing, and then the next day the police find Sarah’s dress in a creek. Two weeks go by and nothing is found, until suddenly Sarah turns up again out of the blue with no recollection of the passed fortnight. The storyline leaves you you lingering for more details, and the song itself is intensely haunting, and eerily beautiful.

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