Liam McGorry, trumpeter of local funk/soul/all-around fun band Saskwatch is already waiting patiently at Northside Records, bag full of vinyl and a polite manner.

He excitably tells me about the upcoming 7’’ launches for Saskwatch’s third single, ‘Your Love’ (In Melbourne, Sydney and Ballarat). The single in question is their catchiest to date, not that they ever had any problem filling a dancefloor, and punters at the recent Falls Festival and Golden Plains will attest to this. Dancing to ‘Your Love’ is like travelling back to a Chicago nightclub in the 50s or 60s.

With recent supports for Earth, Wind & Fire as well as packed residencies at Cherry Bar’s soul nights, it’s no wonder Saskwatch are being called off overseas. McGorry revealing that they will be performing at the upcoming Edinburgh festival.

Appearing to be calm and collected about all the recent fanfare, the trumpeter shrugs off congratulations. Beginning a quick chat about the state of the Melbourne live music scene – not enough soul music for Gen Y was the agreement, though McGorry maintains they get all ages at shows – and the different energy that soul music brings to the stage that most other genres can’t.

McGorry goes further, “you know you don’t want to just reproduce stuff, you want to put your own personal stamp on it, and hopefully we’re doing something like that.”

Speaking of not wanting to be a reproduction, the question arises, ‘what bands inspire Saskwatch?’ The perfect answer was a trip to Melbourne’s Northside Records, where McGorry takes us through a few of his favourite LPs.