Beneath the disco ball at The Toff were three unique bands, each doing their thing and having a ripper of a time. Although each have their distinct style and genre influences, the three blended together (surprisingly) perfectly, resulting in an energetic and pleasant, feel-good night, that went a little something like this…

It began with local 7-piece young’uns, Animaux. The room filled quickly with twenty-somethings bopping along to their pop-funk stylings. Animaux’s catchy drum beats, groovy sax solos, and smooth vocals provided the perfect opening for the night, creating the fun vibes that would carry through the other sets.

The crowd opted for a chilled approach, most sitting and enjoying the funky tunes. Animaux have a heap of talent and potential for such a young line up, big things are sure to come.

Next up were Private Life, a recent addition to Melbourne’s indie synth scene. The duo, accompanied by a full band, were received by a slightly fuller band room as they injected their dancy synth sounds into the air. With Kate Miller-Heidke-styled vocals from frontlady Renee Cassar; a killer set of keys, hand percussion in the form of a tambourine, as well as the usual drum, guitar and bass – Private Life have the perfect blend of electro and indie rock.

Headliners, Sydney fellas Set Sail, hit the stage with some godlike harmonies, performing to a now packed out venue. With their summertime sound, lyrics and generally happy vibes, you couldn’t help but forget about all the shit things in life, whip out a massive smile and have a good dance.

Accompanied by their full touring band, the trio seemed to be having as much fun as the crowd. Throughout the entirety of ‘Charleston’, twisting and shouting is exactly what happened. Violin extraordinaire Josiah Willows stole the limelight at many points with his simply incredible talent.

Closing with the popular ‘Hey!’, after which their latest EP is titled, no one in that room wanted the night to end. Luckily, it didn’t.

The boys came bouncing back on stage to perform an upbeat and innovative rendition of The Verve’s hit, ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony.’

When the doors opened and the crowd flooded towards the exit, mixed emotions filled the stairwell; happiness from seeing such a fun and brilliant band, sadness because it was over. There was however one general consensus; everyone in that crowd had added something to their to-do list.

Get a van, take a trip up the East Coast, soak up some sun and surf, have a dance along the way, and find where the rainbow is.

– Mairéad Bilton-Gough