After keeping his head down following his arrest outside an Adelaide strip club earlier this year, Nollsie has now spoken out about what happened that night, and given his own account in an effort to put some of the rumours to bed.

Noll received an assault charge following an altercation with venue security that left him on the ground being kiccked by an unrelated attacker, but that charge against him was dropped last month, and the singer has now told The Daily Telegraph of his innocence.

“I wasn’t kicked out,” he clears up first of all, going on to explain that the altercation came about due to a misunderstanding with the manager over a bar tab.

“I put some on the card and asked for it back and probably had no right to do that,” he explains. “The manager wanted to talk to me out the front, no worries. We were talking. I got exasperated because I was dirty as we had spent enough money at that point.”

While he admits fault there, he maintains that he didn’t get physical, a claim backed up by the charges being dropped.

“I didn’t assault anyone, I didn’t punch anyone, I didn’t push anyone. I did get up in their grill,” Noll says. “An allegation was made that I assaulted someone so they come and arrest me and that’s it.”

“I can’t say the same thing for what happened to me though, he added. “The police took me straight to hospital. I recovered pretty quick, they were mostly abrasions and an egg on my temple but I had a fair bit of blood running out of me.”

The biggest victim of the scuffle, it seems, was Nollsie’s arm tatt, which suffered a bit of damage at the hands of security.

“I got a fingernail through my tattoo on my arm, took colour out of it, they went through three layers of skin.”

And as for why he was at that particular sort of venue to begin with? He just wanted to find a quiet spot.

“Those places can be a bit of a sanctuary for bands. You get left alone,” he said. “We walked down Hindley St and were just getting hammered by young pissed people.”

Nollsie has described the whole affair as a “wake-up call”, and it seems that the poor bloke is going to keep his post-gig celebrations a bit quieter in an effort to keep himself out of trouble.

“After a gig, you might feel like going out and having a beer but the rule of thumb now will be if I’m going to have a couple of beers, I’ll have them in the hotel room,” he says. “It’s a bit of a lonely existence in that way but it’s being professional and that’s the approach I will take. No more celebrating a good gig.”

He’ll be putting that into practice again right away, with a tour kicking off tomorrow night.