Here’s something you don’t see everyday: a genuinely buzzing band taking care of their younger fans and throwing an entire national tour just for underage fans – no adults allowed.

Skegss of course treated the announcement with the mature touch it deserved, telling their fans that, “If you are under 18 you can come to these gigz 🍝 suck spaghettis if you are old!!”

Yeah, suck spaghettis you decrepit old losers! Am I using that right? Is that a thing the kids say these days? I’ll throw in a #suckspaghettis just to be safe.

The tour is kicking off in Melbourne on Jun 9, and carrying on until July. Even better, Pist Idiots are along for the ride as the support – although that surely counts as encouraging alcohol consumption in minors or something. In Adelaide, you’ll be getting Good Boy instead, and that sounds a whole lot more age-appropriate.

You can grab tix for this one directly from the website, and considering how few underage tours there are, we’d suggest jumping on this one right now.