Tone Deaf has been pushing the cause of saving Melbourne’s live music scene from multiple attacks it has been receiving from Liquor Licensing Victoria, yuppies who move in next door to venues and complain about the noise and Local Councils and the State Government sticking their heads in the sand over the issue.

This vital and important part of Australian culture and local economies, not to mention the livelihoods of musicians and the venues who give them gigs is still under threat.

Tone Deaf urges all music fans and musicians to get down to the rally next Tuesday 23rd Feb at 4pm beginning outside the State Library – with all the details listed below. Tone Deaf urges you to also think about how you can use you vote to punish the state Government for letting it come to this.

Many inner city seats are held by the Government on thin margins and it’s imperative that politicians are acutely aware of how close they could be to losing their seat. Local musician Myles Gallagher told Tone Deaf: ‘Richard Wynne had better put his money where his mouth is and show that his recent interest is not a passing one’.

Similarly, we were told by music fan and music industry identity Jacqueline Dortmans; ‘any government that can’t see the merit in live music for tourism and lifestyle and just as a general Melbourne attraction doesn’t deserve to be governing this State. It’s a pivotal element of this city’s existence’.

Despite recent meetings between the government, music industry representatives and Liquor Licensing Victoria, all we’ve seen so far has been a few wishy washy overtures by the Government to discuss it further. That’s not good enough. There are around 10,000 people saying they’ll attend this rally, but we need your support there too!

We’ll be down there covering this unique event and check back here for a report the day after.