It’s currently been three years since we last saw a new Slipknot album, and while that’s not even close to the longest wait that fans have had to endure, folks are still wondering when new music is coming out. Well, if a new interview with the band is to be believed, then we might not be waiting too much longer.

Back in September, Slipknot released their new documentary, Day Of The Gusano, which chronicled the band’s first ever performance in Mexico City as they headlined Knotfest in 2016. While that’s been their only new release for a while, the band’s only remaining founding member, Shawn “Clown” Crahan, recently opened up about what the group are up to currently.

In a new interview with Team Rock, Clown discussed the release of Day Of The Gusano and the band’s experience in Mexico. However, Clown also touched on the new music being made by the group, and how they had to regroup to record their last album, following the death of founding bassist Paul Gray.

The Gray Chapter was pretty much the final learning velocity of our career. We had to replace a bass player, we had to replace a drummer – one of them was walking the earth, the other was buried in the earth,” said Clown.

“It was a very hard time. People were telling us, ‘How is the band gonna write, Joey and Paul are gone?’ Fuck you. We made a fucking awesome album that we love. And we’re gonna continue to do that. I actually have a date that some of us are gonna get together in a studio and get things going for the next one.”

When questioned whether a new record was actually visible on the horizon, Clown continued, “Myself, Jim [Root, guitar] and Jay [Weinberg, drums] went to LA and organised everything we had written out on the road. We wrote 50 fucking ideas. We spent two weeks organising all that, and also adding some stuff that was written a year ago.”

“We have over 27 ideas ready to go – seven or eight of them are full songs,” he continued. “These songs can change, they can be written over, nothing is in stone. But it’s great that we have concrete ideas to begin with. So the future has never been sweeter for Slipknot music. I don’t know what Corey’s got in mind, because he will bring his own songs, too, but we’re just writing music and getting ideas and moods and soundscapes – getting it all fucking together.”

As Clown alluded to, frontman Corey Taylor is currently out on tour with his other band, Stone Sour. During Stone Stour’s recent trip to Australia, we saw Corey Taylor become a hero to one fan who had suffered a medical issue during their Sydney show.

While the band are definitely hard at work recording new tunes, we’re not too sure when to expect new tunes from Slipknot at this stage. As Clown said, “the future has never been sweeter for Slipknot music,” and we couldn’t be more excited to hear that.

Check out a live version of Slipknot’s ‘Vermilion’: