As if Sydney’s live music scene wasn’t already under enough pressure from political interventions trying to introduce new regulations that’ll make the cultural scene feel like a police state, the owners of prominent live music establishment The Annandale were reportedly robbed last night.

The economic difficulties that the Annandale faced are well-known, managing to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat last year with their innovative buy-a-brick scheme, and last night suffered the loss of $5,000 in petty cash from a break-in overnight.

But there’s good news to go with the bad, as the crooks are also making themselves eligible as world’s stupidest robbers. As the venue owners write on their Facebook page today;

“These two geniuses broke into the hotel this morning. Managed to break our till valued at 5K. Fortunately they were dumb enough to hang around for a few beers and smile to the cameras. First loyal punter to name and shame these clowns scores a slab of beer on the house. Don’t recognize these mugs? Do us a favour and share this post on your page. Thanks in advance for your support. Lots of love, The Rule Brothers.”

The news comes at a time when Sydney’s live music scene is already suffering enough indignation from all sides.

After introducing a raft of new measures to crackdown on licensed venues in Sydney in an attempt to curb violence, the cultural crusaders inside the New South Wales government have pressed ahead with plans for new legislation to tackle the ultimate electoral strawman – alcohol-fuelled violence.

The Premier is also keen to reintroduce either a 1am or 2am lock out in the CBD, supported by the Foundation For Alcohol Research, but the move comes at a fragile time for Sydney’s music community, with the increased regulations and falling patron numbers creating a perfect storm that could drastically change the future outlook for the remaining music venues.

Liquor licensing and music venues became a political hot topic again becoming a hot topic after the death of teenager Thomas Kelly in a senseless attack in Sydney’s King Cross in July, and since then issue of alcohol-related violence has become a political platform for pokie-lined pub venues and politicians alike.

There is some positive news, in that former Midnight Oil frontman Peter Garret, now the Federal Minster for School Education, Early Childhood and Youth, has been leading a new campaign to save Sydney’s live music scene. Garrett used the Annandale as a catalyst for the problems that live music venues face from external factors.

Theft however, wasn’t and shouldn’t be high on the list of issues facing live music venues.

If you recognise either of the Annandale robbers below, be sure to let the venue know about it. A slab and personal glory for bringing a couple of scumbags to justice? Seems like a good deal to us.

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