For a band who have been apart for 30 years, The Smiths sure do enjoy providing fans with the chance to buy reissues of old material, or the occasional record featuring anti-Trump slogans. But the beloved English indie-rockers have today announced a deluxe reissue of their seminal 1986 record, The Queen Is Dead.

As NME reports, The Smiths sort of semi-announced this reissue of The Queen Is Dead about a month ago on June 15th, when the group’s official Facebook page shared out a cryptic image. The image showed a coffin being carried, along with the text “#TQID 16.06.17”. Fans weren’t exactly sure to make of this initially, apart from the date being the date of The Queen Is Dead’s original release, but were expecting some sort of announcement regarding the record the following day.

Today though, the group have announced that their most-successful record is set to get the deluxe treatment. The record was initially made available for pre-order on Amazon’s UK store, but while that listing has since been taken down, the track listing remains.

The deluxe edition is set to contain a newly-remastered edition of the record on the first disc, while the second disc looks set to include a number of demos, live tracks, and newly-remastered B-sides. Reports are also surfacing that this package will also include a DVD, but its contents have not yet been divulged. Needless to say, this will be one for the diehard fans.

NME noted that The Smiths had attempted to get a reissue of the record out last year, in time for the record’s 30th anniversary, but were thwarted by their record label. The deluxe edition of The Queen Is Dead set for release on October 20th, so start saving your pocket money now.

Check out The Smiths’ ‘The Queen Is Dead’ below.