Soundgarden aren’t the latest group to reform after a split, but they are the most recent band to jump on the album preview bandwagon.

Yesterday, the grunge rockers revealed a very teasing, 36 second-long video of their upcoming album which you can listen to above.

The clip features the final edit of brand new song, ‘Worse Dreams’, and is a welcome return to the Soundgarden known and loved by fans around the world.

Various cut scenes from the recording studio are shown, with flashes to the entire sleepy-looking band individually playing their instruments. It slates the album for a 2012 release in America’s Autumn.

The band have been busy recording and touring since their reformation, including a visit to Australia earlier this year as apart of Big Day Out 2012, but Rolling Stone last set the album release date for November 13th.

Chris Cornell has previously spoken about the long overdue Soundgarden album, calling the new material, “ground-breaking” and commenting that it “is every bit as vital as anything we’ve ever done… it’s not in any way nostalgic, it’s not a throwback.”

He added that the four members, who reunited fifteen years after their split in 1997, had amended their considerable differences, “it was just like we’d been on a short break,” Cornell enthused, “after all this time, we can still do what we do so effortlessly.”

He added that the newly christened Animal King was being worked on, ”one song at a time. We never once discussed what kind of record we should make. We never have.”

The release of their new album will surely help with the dethroning of pop music targeted at “morons”, as Cornell recently said in an interview with UK tabloid The Sun.

“A big reason grunge became so big so fast is because people were so sick of what was out there” the Soundgarden frontman states, reasoning that the opportunity is ripe for a similar musical shift. “It’s the same thing now. You have a better chance of a very healthy and vital rock scene coming out today because there’s something to react against.”

Though damning the dire state of pop music, the Soundgarden frontman highlighted an unlikely diamond in the rough, “the one bright spot was Adele having the biggest-selling record of last year. They’re actually songs and she can really sing,” says Cornell. “So obviously the biggest market still responds to a human being creating music.”