That time has come around again for the Soundwave to kick off for another year with the Sydney leg set to start in just a few hours. But before you go we’ve got all the information for you to make your day go as smoothly as possible.

Print out the timetable or map and colour in the acts you want to see. We know you probably want to see them all but there are just so many awesome acts on the lineup this year that we’re afraid you’re going to have to make some difficult decisions.

As always, be safe, drink lots of water, and most importantly rock on!

Click on the times or map below to make them bigger.

Soundwave is an all ages and licensed event.

You will not be able to purchase or consume alcohol unless you have valid photo I.D.

We strongly recommend young people from 15 to 18 be accompanied by a responsible adult (18 OR OVER).

We strongly recommend young people under 15 be accompanied by a parent guardian.

We advise that Soundwave is not suitable for children under 12 and they will not be admitted.

Some of the artists appearing at Soundwave may use lyrics, language or gestures whilst entertaining that some people may find offensive. If such language or behavior concerns you, please do not attend. If you believe such language or behavior is unsuitable for minors, please do not allow them to attend.

Remember to bring ID, your ticket, important phone numbers, sun block, any medication you may need, a hat, charged mobile phone, pen, still camera. If you have any chronic conditions or illness (ie asthma, diabetes, epilepsy) be sure to carry information regarding your condition & emergency contact number on you at all times.

Allow enough time to get to & into the show. It can take some time to get through the gates & security checks depending on the time of day so please be patient.

Make sure you dress in accordance with the weather forecast. Wear sensible shoes & clothes and bring a rain coat if need.
No spike collars, studded belts etc will be allowed.

We have been told to expect the constabulary and canine associates to make one of their customary festival appearances. You may be sniffed at inside and outside the show and even at car parks or public transport hubs. Possession and/or consumption of illegal substances will not be tolerated.

Any patron found to be intoxicated on arrival or within the venue will be handed over to law enforcement.

You can bring a small bag or backpack, but remember that it will take longer to get into the show & if you want to cloak it in, it will add more queues to your day.

Check the back of your ticket for restricted items conditions such as Video cameras, alcohol & umbrellas.

Make sure you pace yourself, drink plenty of water, eat some food that will give you some energy & be sure to get rest, when you can, to maximize your enjoyment on the day.

You are permitted to bring 1 empty water bottle and sandwiches to the show. However, please do remember that we’re most likely in for a long day and food can spoil. No fruit will be allowed.

Whether it’s entering, leaving or in the festival you will be required to abide by any reasonable request or command from the Soundwave security. Remember that they are primarily there to keep the entire festival safe. If you need help or see someone needing help please notify them straight away. Crowd surfing, moshing & circle dancing are dangerous activities & will not be tolerated. Offenders will either be banned from the area or possibly removed from the site. Soundwave accepts no violence and any forms will result in immediate removal from the site.

Under extreme & unlikely circumstances a building, area or the entire site may be required to be evacuated or cleared. It will be imperative for you to follow all instructions & directions from emergency services, police, fire brigade & / or our security that would be requested of you in such a situation. Remember these people are only there to help so pay attention.

There will be First Aid located at Stages 1, 2, 4 and between Stages 3 and 6 on the corner of Barwon Avenue and New England Avenue, to treat people who are genuinely ill or have injured themselves on the day. Try to minimize your demands on them if it does not relate to real issues as they have a very long and demanding day. More than 50% of all First Aid Calls are related to cut feet and sunburn – please wear shoes and bring sunblock.

No professional photography equipment is permitted however point and click cameras and mobile phones are fine. No recording devices of any kind will be permitted.

There will be water stations located around the site. Maps will be handed out at the front gate which will point these stations out.

The Soundwave Festival will be an accessible friendly event as much as we can possibly make it. There will be an accessible viewing platform at each stage and in the main arena there are a number of accessible viewing points in the grandstands. Disabled toilets are available around the site.

We suggest that you are accompanied by a friend as with all major events navigating through the crowds can be difficult and we recommend that you stay clear of the mosh pits. As long as you plan you day and leave a bit of extra time to move between stages there is absolutely no reason why you should not have a great day and be able to see the bands you love.

PLAN YOUR TRANSPORT! The best way to get to Soundwave is by public transport. Make sure you’ve taken a look at the timetables for your local public transport system and you’ve worked out a plan to get to the site – and, perhaps more importantly, how to get home when you’re a little bit worse for wear.

Additional train services have been activated for Sydney Showground. For public transport service information and to plan your trip, visit and click on “Plan Your Trip” or call 131 500.
For a comprehensive list of all train/bus services please go to:

We strongly recommend you do not drive to Soundwave festival. If you must drive the following directions apply:
If you are travelling by car from the city approach, turn right off the Western Motorway onto Australia Avenue, then turn left into Kevin Coombs Avenue and left into the P1 Car Park.

If you are travelling by car from west of Homebush, take the Hill Road Exit, then turn right into Old Hill link and follow on straight into P1 Car Park.

Parking fee’s apply. Soundwave patrons are to use P1 Parking only.