Worried about missing Iron Maiden in Sydney? Worry no more. Yesterday it was reported by some media outlets that the future of Soundwave in Sydney at its current location Eastern Creek Racecourse was under threat. Some even went as far as to say that the 2011 event would be cancelled. Hot out of our inboxes we’ve just received a statement by Eastern Creek from the Soundwave offices.

Eastern Creek Raceway wish to respond to the article in Thursday’s The Daily Telegraph and news.com.au “Soundwaving Goodbye”.

The article erroneously states that Soundwave Festival 2010 is “under threat” because of traffic issues.

The RTA traffic management report on which The Daily Telegraph based its article outlines findings from the 2010 event and is not relevant to traffic management plans for the upcoming Soundwave event on 27 February, 2011; which is yet to be submitted.

Since the release of the initial RTA report, the venue and the event have created a new traffic management plan conducted by the venue’s experts, in consultation with all relevant local and state authorities to eliminate bottlenecks and address any previous and potential issues.

All parties are in the process of finalising many new initiatives including but not limited to the creation of offsite parking supported by free shuttles, comprehensive direct bus services from many areas of Sydney lacking train services, creation of no stopping zones around the venue and alternative routes to ease the burden on highways and roads.

The safety and comfort of residents, fans and performers takes priority over any commercial concerns of the organisers and the venue and we do not take this commitment lightly. Furthermore, Soundwave and the many of the numerous other major events held at Eastern Creek Raceway are supported and assisted, rather than “threatened” by the City Of Blacktown.

Soundwave will be going ahead as planned at Eastern Creek Raceway on Sunday 27, February 2011.

So what have we learnt from this? Firstly, Murdoch reporters never check their facts. And secondly, just because you read it on the internet doesn’t make it true.