Springsteen fans, and completists will be overjoyed by news that The Boss will be releasing 25 concert tapes, spanning his entire career.

These recordings will be added to the online concert archive series he begin earlier a few months back, with shows from 2009 and 2002 available. Just added is the “first-ever soundboard recordings to surface from the ‘77 tour offer a trove of significant performances spanning two full shows from this under-documented transitional era.”

Audiophiles or super Springsteen fans should read the expansive essay over at Springsteen fansite Backstreets, which explains how it came about, how the tapes were mastered, as well as going into descriptions of various renditions of songs – but the most exciting news is the only known live record of an unrecorded song named ‘Action in the Streets’, which was played extensively on his ’77 tour then shelved.

As Backstreets notes, although Springsteen is planning to span his entire career, “it’s worth considering that ideal recordings from all eras likely don’t exist”, adding that it wasn’t until the 2000s that Springsteen begun recording professional sound-desk versions of every live show.

Grab the newly found gems over at his official site.